Good Governance Conference Series Black Sea Region: “Governance and Dialogue”

22 April 2013 - Monday

This conference continues the successful series started in Odessa May, 2011 and continued last year in June at the Tbilisi State University. It brings together experts, academics, civil society representatives and diplomats from different countries of the European Union and the Black Sea Region to look at the state of play on democratic culture and governance, progress made to date and challenges for faster implementation in the future.

Venue: Kadir Has University, Istanbul

Date: May 10, 2013

Organisers: (Vienna) Prof Dr Melanie Sully, Executive Director Institute for Go-Governance;

Assoc. Prof. Salih Bıçakcı, Kadir Has University, Istanbul.


Together with the International Department of the City of Vienna

the Institute for Go-Governance, Vienna,

and Kadir Has University Istanbul