Promoting Quality Education through Scholarships

14 November 2012 - Wednesday

The opening ceremony for the 2012-2013 academic year at Kadir Has University was held on Monday, October 15th at the Cibali campus. The ceremony was attended by Can Has, head of the Board of Trustees, and Nuri Has, head of the Kadir Has Foundation. Also in attendance were members of Board of Trustees and the president of the university, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın, as well as students, academic and administrative personnel, and representatives of local and civil organizations.

In his speech, Can Has mentioned that the university was welcoming 1,152 new students, and added, “This is our 15th year as a university, and we are moving forward with our innovative educational and research endeavors. We have over 5,000 students studying in five faculties, one college, two vocational schools, and two institutes located on our three campuses.”

Can Has emphasized that Kadir Has University, which was the 14th foundation university in Istanbul at the time of its establishment, is one of the most prominent foundation universities in the city, bolstered by high registration rates and steady expansion.

Nuri Has noted in his speech that “As a university, we are dedicated to providing education that will open all doors for our graduates,” and the president of the university, Prof. Dr.  Mustafa Aydın, highlighted the fact that much progress has been made towards realizing the goal of becoming a truly global university, which was the vision of the late Kadir Has, founder of our institution. He added that the university has actively supported research that has the potential to be truly pioneering in today’s competitive environment, and that the university’s efforts are focused on strong academic ethics, objectivity, and scholarly work of the highest quality.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın also emphasized that one of the crucial factors for academic success is not numbers of students, but rather recruitment of high caliber students. He pointed out that day by day the number of scholarship students is on the rise, an approach to education that adheres to the principles of philanthropy that the founder of the university, Kadir Has, dedicated his life to.

The opening ceremony concluded with a concert performed by a group of three musicians from the Turkish Music State Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University.