Future of Syria Discussed at Khas

10 May 2012 - Thursday

The Middle East and Africa Research Center at Kadir Has University held a conference titled “Rain in the North, War in the Middle East,” and hosted Lapo Pistelli, a previous member of the European Parliament and a Democrat Party representative in the Italian parliament. The conference focused on the recent developments in Syria and the region.

Pistelli, who toured Iran and other Middle Eastern countries before coming to Turkey, spoke of his experiences and his views concerning recent events, and noted that the economic sanctions imposed on Iran would not be effective. He added that the geopolitical situation in Syria is different from other countries in the region, and that the problem in Syria would be even more difficult to solve. Other issues discussed in the conference included the political, religious, cultural, and economic dynamics impacting the future of the region as well as the stances taken by Iran, Russia, and China. Pistelli also spoke of the role that Turkey can play in the unfolding of events during this unprecedented era of change.