Commemorating the Legacy of Kadir Has

28 March 2012 - Wednesday

Kadir Has, the founder of our university, has long been respected for his philanthropy in the field of education. He once stated, “Building one school will save a thousand people from a fate of prison.” The 5th anniversary of his death was commemorated on the 24th of March at the Cibali campus of Kadir Has University, which he saw as the highpoint of his endeavors dedicated to education.

The ceremony was attended by Ömer Dinçer, the Minister of Education, as well as the friends and family of Kadir Has, including Can Has, the head of the Kadir Has Foundation’s board of trustees, and Nuri Has, the head of the Kadir Has Foundation. Prof. Mustafa Aydın, the rector of Kadir Has University, as well as students and academic and administrative staff were also in attendance. Ömer Dinçer emphasized in his speech that Kadir Has, through his philanthropic efforts dedicated to the development of the country, particularly in the field of education, was a major figure in Turkey.

In their talks, Can Has and Nuri Has spoke of the ever-growing legacy that Kadir Has left behind as a philanthropist and businessman, both in terms of education and in the economy. Highlighting the ever-important role that Kadir University has played, Can Has noted: “Thanks to the founding of this university, Kadir Has made it possible for thousands of young people to receive an education.” Nuri Has pointed out that Kadir Has devoted the last twenty years of his life as well as the majority of his wealth to philanthropic activities, resulting in the creation of nearly fifty institutions and a financially secure charitable foundation.

Prof. Mustafa Aydın noted, “Kadir Has found the meaning of his life in philanthropy, and Kadir Has University was the pinnacle of his efforts dedicated to the betterment of society.” He added, “As we enter our fifteenth year, Kadir Has University has been undergoing transformations as part of our vision to become an innovative leader in education, and this has involved the re-structuring of our faculties and the opening of new departments. Our goal is to be a university that plays an active role in guiding and shaping higher education.”

Kadir Has Awards Granted for Architecture and Music

Following the memorial, the eighth annual Kadir Has Achievement Awards Ceremony was held, and the awards were granted by Nuri Has, Can Has, and Prof. Mustafa Aydın. The philosophy behind these awards is to recognize individuals and institutions for nationally and internationally acclaimed achievements which have contributed to the betterment of society. This year’s awards were granted for the categories “Higher Achievement” and “Promising Artist.”

The Higher Achievement in Arts award was granted to the architect Emre Arolat for his outstanding work in architecture. He has acquired a reputation both at home and abroad for his innovative projects and socially conscious designs. His award also included a prize of twenty thousand TL. In his acceptance speech, Arolat noted that Kadir Has was always open to the points of view of the younger generation. He shared an anecdote in which Kadir Has critiqued one of his projects, which the architect himself thought to be quite progressive, for being “a little old school” and requested that Arolat do revisions to breathe some youth into the design.

The “Promising Artist” award went to the 18 year-old pianist Lara Melda, who has been recognized worldwide for her virtuoso musical achievements. Melda was selected as the recipient based on the global recognition she has achieved for her recordings, performances at prominent competitions, and concerts with well-respected orchestras. Her prize included a ten thousand dollar award, and Lara Melda gave a short piano performance after her acceptance speech.