NATO-Turkey” Video Teleconference with Ambassador Hüseyin Diriöz and University Students

18 January 2012 - Wednesday

Ahead of the 60th Anniversary of Turkey’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD), in close collaboration with Turkish authorities, is launching a dedicated effort to engage the Turkish public, promoting a wider debate in Turkey about NATO’s transformation and Turkey’s role in NATO.  A special focus will be engagement with youth, including university students.  In this context, NATO will be conducting a series of Video Teleconferences (VTCs) for university students.  The Center for International and European Studies at Kadir Has University will host one of these VTCs on Tuesday 07 February at 10:00 Istanbul time at Kadir Has University with His Excellency Ambassador Hüseyin Dirioz, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning.  Students will hear about NATO’s transformation and Turkey’s role in the Alliance, NATO’s roles in Afghanistan and in the context of the Arab Spring, Missile Defence issues among other issues.  Students will also have the opportunity to present their questions to Ambassador Dirioz. 

The event’s language will be Turkish and spacing is limited.  If you are an interested in participating, please write immediately to