Khas Social Sciences Institute Tuesday Seminars

02 October 2011 - Sunday

The Khas Social Sciences Institute is organizing a seminar series which aims to contribute to the development of social sciences at Kadir Has University. One of the objectives of this series is to celebrate the launch of the Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration.

The theme of this year’s series is “State, Democracy and Transformation,” in reference to the social uprisings which have occurred in North Africa and the Middle East. These social movements, which have resulted in the transformation of economic, social and cultural values and highlighted the ways that citizens are able to impact and intervene in public life, have created pressing topics for academic research. Our series focuses on these issues with the aim of creating a platform for the sharing of academic research and conceptual discussions.

The first of the seminars, entitled “Biopolitics of Security in the 21st Century: A Political Analytic of Finitude” will be given by Prof. Michael Dillon on December 22nd, 2011, from 16:30 to 18:00.

A tentative plan for the remainder of the series is as follows:

Fall 2011 Program:

November 22

Prof. Michael Dillon, Lancaster University/Şehir University

“Biopolitics of Security in the 21st Century: A Political Analytic of Finitude”

November 29

Prof. Mustafa Aydın, Kadir Has University

 “Türk Dış Politikasında Değişim-Dönüşüm” [“Change and Transformation in Turkish Foreign Policy”]

December 6

Prof. Fuat Keyman, Sabancı University

 “Türkiye'de Demokratikleşme ve Sorunları: Meşruiyet, Katılım, Müzakere” [“Democratization and Associated Problems in Turkey: Legitimacy, Participation, Negotiation”]

December 13

Prof. Mahmut Mutman, Şehir University

“Siyasete Karşı Siyasallık” [“Anti-political Politicization”]



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