New Stories

23 September 2011 - Friday

2011-2012 season at the Rezan Has Museum entitled “New Stories,” presenting the journey of ceramics, the artistic footprints of human history.

Mehmet Kutlu, one of the contemporary Turkish ceramic artists, shares with us his works based on the life of silkworms and inspired by nine immortal artists who have renewed themselves, renewing others’ lives in the process, and who have turned into new stories even as they told their own stories. These works feature the portraits of Yaşar Kemal, Genco Erkal, Gülriz Sururi, Türkan Şoray, Zülfü Livaneli, Sezen Aksu, Fazıl Say, Ayla Algan and Ferzan Özpetek, the artist having employed a new technique to create new images by using the intertwined layers of two superimposed works.