Designer undertakes new responsibilities, that are brought in with the changing social and technological developments in contemporary life. Designer not only seeks for solutions and design for the necessities but also s/he is an innovative, curios researcher opens up new venues for new worlds.

Master in Design Program at Kadir Has University, departs from the idea that design is an analytical and creative thinking process, hence offers a wide spectrum of practice and research possibilities throughout education. While offering students to work in different social, public, ecological, technological and cultural contexts, the program also aims to encourage the student to undertake complex social issues.

In this framework, Master in Design Program seeks to guide designers to problematize the issues and the needs, while producing critical, experimental, participatory, creative with unique ideas to define the problems as well as the solutions and for people who are able to transfer this knowledge into new fields with elaborated innovative ways.

Besides asserting interdisciplinarity the program is open to cross-interactions and trans-disciplinary contents and areas of production. Candidates are offered with wide selection of studio practice and lectures where they can structure their own personal research and practice within program. Students are to choose one of the four offered the area of specialization in the framework of the program:

  • Cultural Heritage and Design
  • Artistic and Performative Research
  • Social Innovation
  • Strategic Design and Design Management

The studies are supervised by the academic staff of Art and Design Faculty of Kadir Has University. The language of the program is English.

Application is open to all students coming from diverse disciplines of design and elsewhere. The candidates have two options to graduate with written thesis or without thesis.

Program Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe EREK, PhD

Contact: ayse.erek@khas.edu.tr // designMA@khas.edu.tr