About the Management Information Systems Program


The mission of the Department is to perform and be internationally known for research in the areas of information systems management, knowledge management, systems development methodologies, business computing, databases and information retrieval and data mining.


Our vision is to produce well-rounded business oriented graduates who can contribute significantly in the management, planning, design and implementation of information systems. It is committed to playing a significant role in the continuous creation, renewal and dissemination of knowledge in the discipline of Management Information Systems.
Management Information Systems, which is the basis of the information era, is becoming more influential every day as we see the various ways that the management of information finds it way into practice and influences various branches of science.

People from nearly all sectors are interested in information management systems that increase productivity and they want to specialize in their own areas. In the last few years, the use of information technologies is, like in every area, increasing in the business world as well. Together with these developments, in the world and in Turkey, the importance of inter-disciplinary approaches and practices increases day by day. The MIS program is designed address the deficiency of human resources in the area of information management and to educate people who will work in that area.

Today, using computers efficiently is needed in nearly all jobs. Executives of companies, while at the same time preserving past developments, want to see and project the possibilities for the future of their companies. This requires a strong knowledge of computers and the skills to use them. In the MIS program, two of the three emphases of the program are management and computing, and we intend to educate managers who know computing.

In this program students are taught business management and information technologies in an inter-disciplinary way. One of the aims of the MIS program is to educate people who will be able to develop information technologies and to use these systems efficiently in management thus strengthening the ability of companies to compete. To this end, students are taught primarily computer technologies concepts (programming, web design, database management etc.) and management concepts (economics, trade, accountancy, finance etc.). Secondarily, with lessons that will combine these two areas, students will learn concepts such as systems development, IT management, electronic trading, and design mechanisms. Courses will be supported with lab work and projects where students’ skills for application are developed as well as their theoretical knowledge.

Students who choose this area are expected to be interested in the areas of computer technologies and management.

Job opportunities

Those who graduate from this program will possess a high level of management knowledge giving them an important advantage in the constantly developing life of trade and business. IT is important in all job branches and our students’ specialization in IT will be an additional advantage for them. Our graduates who will be able to work in executive positions in the modern business world, which relies on computer technologies, as well as positions in e-trading, decision-making, software development and so forth.