IT101: Introduction to Computing and Information Systems (2+0+2) 3

Basic knowledge of hardware and software (both system and application programs), editors, document preparation, presentation and integration (word, excel, database etc). Computer network basics, internet, document download and upload (ftp), search engines. Basics of database systems. Writing and compiling simple programs.

IT112: Introduction to Programming (Java) (3+0+2) 4

Programming basics: variables, constants, control structures, loops, arrays and functions.

Prerequisite IT101

IT211 Internet and Web Programming (2+0+2) 3

HTML’s basic components and HTML 4, dynamic HTML - CSS, object model and collections, event model, filters and transitions. Introduction to XML. Ajax.

Prerequisite IT101

IT354 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3+0+0) 3

System development life cycle, systems analysis, overview of architectures, systems design, system implementation, tools for analysis and design.

IT434 E-Commerce Systems (3 +0 +0) 3

Introduction to E-Commerce. Building Blocks of E-Commerce. Different components (conceptual, mathematical, and software) of electronic commerce. Best practices in software analysis, architecture, and design, with specific emphasis on e-commerce. Algorithms and mechanisms which can be used to achieve efficiency and optimality of electronic commerce transactions. Security and electronic payment issues in e-commerce.

Prerequisite CE 344

IT453 IT Project Management (3 +0 +0) 3

Especially in the area of Information Technologies and software engineering starting form the analysis covering all project management aspects in an applied fashion. Project management, organization, planning, application. Budgeting and cost forecasting, programming, resource distribution, project control. Conflict resolution and communication skills, risk analysis and problem solving inteam-based projects. Role of the project manager,

Technical Electives:

IT225 Program Development Tools & Environments (2+0+2) 3

IDE standard modules: Editor, compiler, and debugger. Integration. Starting new project, adding a class, compiling, debugging, performance analysis, packaging. Preparation of package programs and interface design.

Prerequisite IT112

IT323 GUI Design and Programming (3+0+0) 3

Review of Java fundamentals of Windows programming - the development environment, Creating a simple application - menus – toolbars, Dialog Boxes, GDI - Text Output - Graphical Output - Keyboard and Mouse Input, File Input and Output, The Document/View Architectures, Prototype Development.

Prerequisite IT213

IT426 Information Systems Management (3+0+0) 3

Overview of management functions in three distinct areas; hardware, software, personnel. The management issues and problems of planning. Developing, installing, operating, and maintaining information systems in organization. Legal and ethical issues in computing. Special focus on the connection of managerial and technical resources in organization. Attention given to political, economic, physical and organizational factors.

IT442 Multimedia Systems and Applications (3+0+0) 3

System administration, information management and security, database administration, user support, electronic data processing department management.

IT443 Medical Informatics (3+0+0) 3

The human body as a machine: physiological systems, state-of-the-art in diagnostic techniques and related instrumentation; high technology in patient care and therapy. Computers in medicine: clinical data, information databases in healthcare, electronic patient data, telemedicine, tele-health. Ethical issues in medical informatics.

IT461 Human Computer Interaction (3+0+0) 3

Principles of human computer interaction. Elements of interactive computer systems, windows, and input devices. Window systems and dialog control. Design of dialogues for interactive systems. Psychological, physiological, linguistic and perceptual factors. Advantages and disadvantages of various interaction techniques, command language syntaxes, and data presentations. Design methodology and guidelines.