Welcome to the Kadir Has University Graduate School of Science and Engineering,

As the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Kadir Has University, we aim to provide our students with an education encompassing scientific research and technological applications, and encourage our students to take interdisciplinary courses and try to develop their communication skills.

The Graduate School is comprised of well-talented and motivated academicians. It also provides up-to-date the masters and doctorate programs equipping students with valuable abilities, and promoting further study in interdisciplinary fields. The students are exposed to real-life projects in sector and conceptual problem solving techniques, together with taking traditional training in classrooms. Our masters and doctorate programs are designed to help students understand real-world circumstances, augment their cultural accumulation and contribute to the interaction between technology, science and society.

The Graduate School has also realized the Bologna Process, a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries designed to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications.

As the Graduate School, we are proud of offering our experience in the following multi-disciplinary areas of research at the masters and doctorate levels, which stand as potentially hot topics of the 21st century;

  • Computer Engineering Master (with Thesis) and Ph.D. Programs (Emphasis on software engineering).
  • Electronics Engineering Master (with Thesis) and Ph.D. Programs (Emphasis on telecommunication engineering).
  • Industrial Engineering Master (with Thesis/non-Thesis) and Ph.D. Programs (Industrial engineering, operations research, supply chain management, energy systems)
  • Information Technologies Master (with Thesis/non-Thesis) Program (Emphasis on system administration, web technologies, internet technologies, operating systems).
  • Financial Engineering Master (with Thesis/non-Thesis) Program (Applications of mathematics to finance).
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Master (with Thesis), and Bioinformatics and Genetics Ph.D. Programs (Investigation of the mechanism of human diseases via analysis of biological data and computer-aided drug design).
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage Master (with Thesis/non-Thesis) Program (An interdisciplinary program that aims the preservation, documentation and appreciation of historical values).
  • Management Information Systems Master (with Thesis/non-Thesis) and Ph.D. Programs (Application of Information Technologies to business, diversification of business, e-trade, e-marketing, technology management).

As the Graduate School, our purpose is to educate and create highly competent research and development-oriented engineers and scientists and give them a deeper understanding of the basic concepts, advanced techniques, and methods to succeed in their fields of specialization.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Demet Akten Akdoğan


e-posta: demet.akten@khas.edu.tr