Personal Details:

Born on 10.10.1942 in Hatay Province, Turkey
Married, with one child


Pertevniyal High School, Istanbul, 1957-1960
Istanbul University Faculty of Science, 1960-1964
University College, University of London, 1967-1972.

Research and Projects:
  • Geologist, M.T.A. Institute, Ankara, 1966-1967
  • Teaching Assistant Istanbul Univ. Science Fac., Course in Applied Geology, 1973-1977.
  • Research Assistant University of London, Geology Department, 1975.
  • Visiting Researcher, Leicester University, England, 1975.
  • Assistant Professor Istanbul Univ. Science Fac., Course in Applied Geology, and Ist. Univ. Geosciences Faculty, Istanbul, 1977.
  • Researcher and Visiting Assistant Professor State University, at Albany, New York, 1979.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor Maitre de Conference; Dept. Géologie, Paris Univ. Sud d'Orsay, 1981.
  • NATO ASI "Tectonic Evolution of the Tethyan region" summer school preparation committee member Convener, 1986.
  • NATO - Collaborative research project with Prof. Dr. Dan Karig (USA), 1986-1988.
  • Professor Istanbul Technical Univ., Mining Faculty, Geology Dept., 1987.
  • Western Anatolian Partnership project with Cambridge University Prof. D. Mac Kenzie, 1989-91.
  • Research Cambridge University, 1988-1990.
  • International Volcanological Congress, Convener, 1994.
  • International Congress on the Aegean Regions, Convener, 1995.
  • International Congress on the Aegean Regions, opening address, 1995.
  • Second International Turkish Geology Workshop; Work in progress on the geology of Turkey, Convener, 1995.
  • European Union of Geosciences meeting, Strasbourg, Chairman, 1995.
  • European Union of Geosciences meeting, Strasbourg, Chairman, 1997.
  • Acta Volcanologica magazine editorial board member, from 1995 on.
  • Member of the editorial board for: TUBİTAK/Nature Magazine, Istanbul Technical Univ. magazine, Istanbul Univ.
  • Geosciences magazine, Hacettepe Univ. Geosciences magazine, Geosound magazine, Sivas University of the Republic magazine.
  • Western Anatolian Seismology 2000, Izmir, The Ninth of September Univ.
  • Works in progress in Turkey 2001 meeting, Çukurova Univ.
  • TÜBİTAK, Incentive prize (candidate on behalf of TBAG), 1979.
  • TÜBİTAK, Science prize, 1999.
Board/Committee Responsibilities:
  • International Geodesic and Geophysic Union National Committee Volcanology subgroup member, 1975-1977.
  • Istanbul Univ. Geosciences Faculty, founding member and faculty board member, 1977-1983.
  • Geosciences Faculty Geological and Geophysics Engineering Departments’ Curriculum Preparation Commission member, 1977-78.
  • Turkish Geological Society, honorary board member, 1980.
  • TÜBİTAK science committee member, 1981-1985.
  • NATO Advanced Study Institute Panel Member, 1980-1985.
  • Minerology/Petrografology branch head (Ist. Univ. Engineering Fac. Geology Dept.), 1983-1987.
  • Geology Dept. Head (Istanbul Tech. Univ. Mining Fac.), 1987-1991.
  • Ocean Drilling Project (ODP), EMCO (Executive Council) member since 1989.
  • TÜBİTAK Geosciences Research Group member, 1992-1995.
  • Ist. Tech. Univ. Mining Fac., Faculty Board member, since 1992.
  • 1995 Turkish Academy of Sciences, principal member.
  • 1996 Ist. Tech. Univ. Mining Fac. member of the Board of Directors.
  • 1998 TÜBİTAK YDABÇAĞ Research Group member.
  • Ist. Tech. Univ. Mining Faculty dean, 2000-2002.
  • Ist. Tech. Univ. Mining Faculty Foundation president, since 2000.
Other Professional Activities:
  • Turkish Geological Society, technical committees’ sitting president, since 1974.
  • Turkish Geological Society, Golden Symposium preparation committee, 1978.
  • Science Faculty and Geoscience Faculty Geology colloquia preparation, 1974-1980.
  • Editorial advisory board member for the proceedings of the international symposium on earthquake prediction research, 1980.
  • Jury member for Paris University doctoral candidate J.M. Fontain’s defense Univ. Paris, Sud Centre D'Orsay, 16 December 1981.
  • Jury member for Paris University doctoral candidate M. Servais’s defense Univ. Paris, Sud Centre D'Orsay, 6 October 1982.
  • Doctoral thesis advisor for Edinburg University Ph.D. candidate T. Ustaömer, 1989-1992.
  • Attended more than 100 conferences at such institutions as New York State University., Colombia Univ., "Lamont-Doherty Obs.", Oxford Univ., Univ. of London., Paris Univ., ETH-Zurih Univ., Edinburg Univ.
  • MTA Institute General Consulting Management Council member since 1997.
  • Consultant to the Turkish Petrol Corporation since 1996.
  • Consultant to Exxon Mobil Petrol since 2000.