Campus life with student clubs is something exceptional

Clubs help complete students’ personal development and turn wasted time into valuable experiences.  As a modern educational institution, Kadir Has University recognizes and heartily supports the positive social, cultural, physical health, and artistic influence of student clubs, as well as the associated increase in students’ knowledge, skills, and creativity.  With every passing day, Kadir Has University Student Clubs enthusiastically support panel sessions, conferences, and forums for valued politicians, directors, businesspeople, specialists, and cutting-edge thinkers of every discipline.  Our clubs also publish and interact with magazines, bulletins, and other media, as well as hosting and partaking in concerts, theater events, and lectures by prominent artists.  Moreover, we organize and take part in sporting competitions and events, celebrations, and series.  Below is a list of our ever-developing student clubs, powered by student interest and energy.

Student Clubs

Advertisement Club

Arts and Culture Club

The Atatürk Society Club

Career Club

Chess Club

Dance Club

Debate Club

Economics Club

Engineering Club

Environment Club

Erasmus Club

Factory Design Club

The European Union Club

Human Rights and Democracy Club

Innovative Entrepreneurial Leaders Club

Photography Club

Film Club

Folk Theater and Folk Music Club

Futurists Club

IEEE (Insttitute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering) Student Branch

IT Security Club

Law Club

Literature Club

Logistics Club

Model United Nations Club

Mountaineering and Outdoors Sports Club

Music Club

New Media Club

Poetry Club

Political Science and International Relations Club

Public Affairs and Relations Club

Theater Group

Uni Socia Club

Volunteers Club