Theatre Department, which was founded in 2006, is the youngest department of Faculty of Art and Desing in Kadir Has University.The department offers a four year undergraduate program, which leads the graduates to Bachelor of Arts degree.

The program aims to help student to develop their knowledge and creativity, as well as their skills, that they need in their future profession as theatre artists. The curriculum is designed to provide our students wide range of possibilities to specialization for the professional life. It serves an optimal combination of theory and practice. Students begin their education by training the fundamental elements of theatre and get then focusing attention on a particular area of interest, such as acting, dramatic writing, directing, theatre management, etc.

The academic staff of the department consists of prominent actors, directors and theatre managers of well known theatre companies and academicians. Our lecturers have international experience and they have great theoretical and practical knowledge of theatre. Besides their career as artists, they have also long years of experience as lecturer.

In order to give a contemporanious education, the department gives a special importance to the internationality and enable its students to have international experiences through Erasmus and other exchange programms, as well as international academic events and workshops.

According to their interests and talent, our graduates can work as actor/actress, director, playwright, theatre manager, theatre instructor and they can work in many other theatre related proffessions.

Contact Info:

Kadir Has Üniversitesi
Faculty of Art and Desing
Theatre Department

Kadir Has Caddesi 34083 Cibali-İstanbul
Phone: 0212.533 57 65
Fax: 0212.533 58 53

Prof. Dr. Çetin SARIKARTAL
Phone : 0212.533 65 32 x 1322