Corporate Communications and Public Relations Management

Corporate communication function which is the contemporary dimension of public relations in corporations has become very important in today’s global and complex business environment. As a strategic function, corporate communication has become the critical success element for all executives in having more efficient and effective business effects. In our age, it cannot be expected for businesses to have long-term success by just satisfying their customers’ needs and demands. It is expected to establish interactive, long-term and win-win relations with all of their shareholders such as employees, media, government, legislators, local communities, financial environment which directly or indirectly affect their performance; and that is why, strategic corporate communication management is needed in public relations philosophy.

Corporate communication and public relations management is a fundamental factor in protecting and maintaining corporate reputation which is the unseen power of corporates. In this graduate program, students will be given both theoretical and practical information in an advanced level and the chance to do research in the field based on projects.

With this M.A. program, it is aimed to contribute to the relatively new master level, authentic academic studies under the name of “Corporate Communication”. Besides, this program aims to encourage graduated students to have a career especially in the corporate communication departments of the profit-making companies in their professional lives so that they can help these companies in acting with the conscious of corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship in successfully managing their corporate reputation with the use of scientific methods and research.

The M.A program in Corporate Communication and Public Relations Management will focus on theoretical and practical studies in the field of corporate communication and public relations management including the disciplines such as Public Relations, Advertising, Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Mass Communication and Information Technologies.

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