The purpose of internship is to make students familiarize with the business environment and working conditions, and get on the job training. Every student should successfully complete at least 20 working days of internship in order to graduate from the Business Administration Department. Internships can only be done in semester periods or at the end of the academic year in summer. Students cannot do internship in an academic semester while they are getting courses.

The company that the student will do the internship should be approved before the internship starts. Students should fill in the Compulsory Internship Form, have it signed by their academic advisors as well as the company, and deliver it to the Faculty Secretary together with 2 photos and a photocopy of their certificate of identification. Internships will not be valid unless the student takes out an insurance for work accidents and occupational diseases.

At the end of the internship period, students should get approval from the company, have the Internship Evaluation Form signed, and return it to the Faculty Secretary. Internship commission will check over the form, contact the company if needed, and inform Student Affairs Department regarding approval (or disapproval) of the internship within a month. Students will be informed about the number of days of internship that is approved.

Please follow this link for internship guidelines for the Department of Business Administration.