Criteria students must meet in order to be eligible for graduation

  • A student must have successfully completed all the courses (compulsory-elective, credit- non-credit) in his/her curriculum (course plan) and have collected the required graduation credits.
  • His/her GPA must be at least 2.00/4.00.
  • If there is a compulsory internship in her/his program she/he must have completed it.
  • If she/he took courses outside of her/his curriculum she/he must have successfully passed them.


Procedures at the Faculty/School where student is registered

  • At the end of every semester, advisors examine the transcripts of senior students who are in a position to graduate and sign the transcript and the graduation simulation document with the note “eligible for graduation” and send these to the administrative office of the related Faculty/School.
  • The Administrative Board of the related Faculty/School examines if the student meets all the criteria for graduation and issues the decision for his/her graduation.
  • The decision for graduation is then sent to the Student Affairs Office through the Rectorate.


At the Student Affairs Office and Student

  • The Student Affairs officer in charge of the related faculty/school checks the decision and if he/she does not find out any errors/imperfections turns the status of the student on SPARKS into ‘graduate’, prepares the Temporary Graduation Document and submits this to the Vice Rector for his/her signature.
  • Once the student’s graduation document is prepared he/she gets notified about this with an e-mail.
  • Students who have learned that their Temporary Graduation Document is ready then need to either download his/her Dissolution of Relationship with the University Document from ( ) or get a copy from the Student Affairs Office. The student must then go to all the units indicated on this document (Financial Affairs Office; Information Center Directorate; Office of Health, Culture and Sports; Civil Defense and Security Directorate) and get approval signatures from each and hand in his/her student identity card to the Civil Defense and Security Directorate.
  • Students who successfully complete all these stages may collect his/her Temporary Graduation Document from the Student Affairs Office after signing for it.
  • As diplomas are prepared on the dates indicated in the academic calendar, students may receive their diplomas after signing for it following this date.


University/Faculty/Department Honors Given at the Graduation Ceremony

  • The student must graduate within the period of time indicated in his/her program curriculum. (Two years in Associate Programs, four years in Undergraduate Programs.)
  • The decision of the administrative board of the related faculty/school approving graduation must have been received by the Student Affairs Office before the deadline announced in the Academic Calendar.
  • For students who have transferred to our university from other institutions of education to be placed in the honors lists, they must have taken and passed successfully at least two thirds of the total credits of the associate or undergraduate program they will graduate from during their studies at Kadir Has University.


Participation in the Graduation Ceremony

  • Student who are in a position to graduate following summer school or a single course exam can attend.
  • There must be no more than 12 credits outstanding from unsuccessful or untaken courses, including final projects, required by the student’s course plan.
  • The student must not have participated in previous graduation ceremonies.


Important Notes

  • Students who have not completed their dissolution of relationship with the university will not be given a Temporary Graduation Document or Diploma.
  • Since diplomas are all printed together on a set date by the Student Affairs Office, students will not receive their diplomas before the date announced in the Academic Calendar.
  • A Temporary Graduation Document or Diploma is only given to the student her/himself. A notary-approved power of attorney document is required if a third-party, including the student’s father or mother, requests the diploma to be delivered to him/her.
  • It is not possible for a Temporary Graduation Document or Diploma to be sent by post.