Welcome to the Faculty of Management!

Our faculty is comprised of five departments: Management, International Trade and Finance, Accounting and Finance, Banking and Insurance, and Management Information Systems. The language of instruction is English in the departments of Management, International Trade and Finance, and Management Information Systems; while in the other two departments (Accounting/Finance, Banking/Insurance) it is Turkish. The education/teaching and scientific research is conducted by faculty members with outstanding experience and academic qualities, who have completed their doctoral studies in prestigious domestic and foreign universities.

The mission of our faculty is,

  • To educate our students to be equipped with the creative and entrepreneurial leadership qualities needed by modern businesses through our world-standard programs and lesson content
  • To become one of the leading faculties at home and abroad by producing scientific work of international standards,
  • To strengthen our connections with our graduates and the business world.

In striving for these goals we give importance to higher values such as diversity, integrity, solidarity, environmental consciousness and inclusiveness.

Our strong academic staff have made it their mission to educate our students to the highest domestic and international standards through the programs we offer at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels. In this our aim is to enrich society with individuals who have strong work ethics and awareness of social responsibility. At the same time, with our creativity and entrepreneurship focused education perspective, we aim to raise future executives with the qualities increasingly needed by more and more businesses. Through our collaborations with universities in various countries of the world we support our students’ gaining of international education experiences, and with our visiting students from abroad we give them the opportunity to study in an environment of cultural diversity.

The scholarly work of our research-focused faculty members are published in reputable international academic journals. In addition, our faculty members participate in various projects supported by domestic (TÜBİTAK) and international (SSHRC-Canada, GLOBE) institutions. With our scholarly research and development activities we are moving rapidly towards a deserved place among the leading faculties of Turkey.

It will be a pleasure to have you join us at our faculty.

Prof. Bülent Mengüç