About the Faculty

Founded in 2003, Faculty of Communication has 30 instructors graduated from some of the most prestigious universities in Turkey and abroad. It is the first of its kind to identify the transformation needed in the field of media to establish a New Media program. The faculty also recognizes the need to connect professional life and the field and works with part-time instructors who are comprised of professionals already successful in their jobs. Our curricula and technical facilities are continuously updated in order to meet the needs arising in the field.

An education minding the integrity in the field of Communication

Our education programs are designed according to the tendency of integrity among the sectors in the field of communication, and our the students receive the relevant skills and knowledge in the field whichever program they have enrolled.

They graduate with all the necessary qualifications to work in all the sectors in the field thanks to the joint courses, wide range of electives we offer, and the studios that are established to carry out group projects. Our students also have the option to follow a path of expertise in a second field along with their major.

Expertising in at least two fields

We offer our students who are studying New Media, Radio, Television & Cinema, Public Relations and Advertising to get a certificate proving their expertise in a second field. These tracks or pathways are designed to expand their opportunities in employment in other sectors of the field, or to found their own businesses.Learning by putting into practice

It is unquestionable that the theory and practice should be integrated in the education of communication. In KHAS, Faculty of Communication, this is achieved by ensuring all of the courses include practices to prepare our students for their career. Especially for the last two years, the focus is placed on practical courses and the students spend their time mostly in studios and labs both during classes and after classes.

During their times in these common places, the students create and design content for all media types, develop mobile apps, print newspaper and magazines, produce movies and write scenarios with experienced instructors directly from professional life. They develop award winning projects in Advertising Atelier (Reklam Atölyesi) and produce creative campaigns on political communication and/or corporate communication in Atelier of Public Relations (Halkla İlişkiler Atölyesi).

Independent and interactive communication environment facilitating enthusiasm to learn and create

Studying at KHAS Faculty of Communication means studying in an independent and interactive communication environment distinguished by its academic and administrative staff. It also means to have access to facilities, igniting the enthusiasm to learn and create. This means, graduating with all of the necessary qualifications and self esteem you need in our students’ career.