Welcome to Kadir Has University Faculty of Art and Design

This year we are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of our Faculty. Founded in 2004 as the Fine Arts Faculty, it included four departments: Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design; with the Theater Department being added in 2007. In conjunction with its name change in 2012 to the Faculty of Art and Design, further revisions were instituted in the student selection process and the education model, thereby establishing an academic environment of international caliber that is research-oriented and forward-looking. The most recent major development in this direction has been the launch of the Architecture Department in 2013. In addition to the undergraduate programs, our faculty members also direct the Design, Film and Drama and Preservation of Cultural Heritage study programs.

Our aim is to guide the students’ creative energies and enthusiasm in a scholarly environment and open up new horizons for them. In this vein, the goal is to become an academic institution that contributes to the international art and design world through educating creative and innovative students. The undergraduate curricula of all the departments are being continuously updated parallel to the changes in the art and design world, which are supported by extracurricular activities such as conferences, panels, competitions, workshops and exhibitions organized throughout the year.

The academic staff consists of experienced and competent scholars and designers, and is improving. Our priority is to prepare a variety of art, design and culture events as platforms to share what our students and staff produces with the public, and to collaborate with national and international institutions with similar goals.

We will be pleased to host you in our various activities, year-around exhibitions, talks given by renowned artists and designers.

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