Dean's Message

Welcome to Kadir Has University, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences.

The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences embraces the Department of Economics; the Department of Business Administration; the Department of International Relations; the Department of Political Science and Public Administration; The Department of International Trade and Finance, the Department of Psychology and the Department of American Culture and Literature. The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences train graduates who are qualified for the needs and expectations of the national and the competitive world markets. The qualities that are sought in a qualified candidate to work in international competitive businesses environment are: the ability to speak at least one foreign language; to have gained work experience during undergraduate education; and to have an open mind and necessary skills to operate in different cultures. All the departments in our Faculty provide advanced academic programs and host faculty members who can train graduates with the aforementioned qualities.

The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences offers an undergraduate education that is fundamentally strong and modern with a broad vision. The curriculum of each department has been formed with a careful balance of theoretical and practical, as well as compulsory and elective courses. The university has the technological capabilities and supporting materials that help students to improve their abilities and strengthen their occupational practice. The departments provide students a chance to further broaden their scope of expertise by offering double major and minor programmes. All of the departments have established close relations with the business world and have signed cooperation protocols with the business sector as well as well known international universities, in order to prepare our students for business life after their graduation. Our mission is to contribute to the development of quality individuals who are armed with global knowledge and skills through continuous consideration of the change and developments in our country and in the world; to provide our students with the skills of: analytical thinking; strategy building; problem solving and initiative taking, through well structured and interdisciplinary curricula that takes sectoral developments into consideration in order to contribute to the welfare of the society and the business world, either local or nationwide, through an interactive approach in collaboration with our stakeholders. Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences has the objective of having graduates who are able to: follow scientific literature; make fast, correct and rational decisions; think entrepreneurially, democratically and transparently.