Welcome to the Law Faculty of the Kadir Has University

The existence of fair and democratic rules and regulations and the principle of the supremacy of the law are essential to the concept of the rule of law. The preservation and the maintenance of the principles of law depend primarily on providing students with an adequate and qualified legal education. Today’s world requires highly qualified lawyers equipped with a sufficient degree of communication skills in foreign languages and who will practice law in a way to best realize a just and democratic society. The Faculty of Law at Kadir Has University inaugurated its program of legal education in the academic year of 2003-2004.

Relevant to one of its prominent goals to have internationally qualified law graduates, the Faculty of Law at Kadir Has University provides students with a wide range of English-medium courses. Before the beginning of undergraduate law education, students are required to take and pass an English proficiency exam to determine their English proficiency level. Students lacking sufficient language skills are required to attend the general English education at the English Preparatory School. In addition, students must attend professional English courses in every semester of their legal education. With the latter, students not only reinforce and improve the English language skills they have acquired at the Preparatory School, but also achieve a satisfactory and competent level for using English language in their professional lives.

Kadir Has University’s Law Faculty offers, at its campus at the center of Istanbul, well-equipped classrooms, computer labs and a well-stocked library, and also employs distinguished faculty members from a variety of backgrounds. Academic advisors are specialists in their subjects and assist students assigned to them in the improvement of their knowledge and development of their skills.

In our faculty, undergraduate courses provide an education via theoretical courses which are coupled with practical studies in order to provide students with professional skills. In today's world, globalization strongly influences legal systems. Accordingly, Kadir Has University’s Law Faculty curricula have been revised in accordance with the needs and demands of new legal developments in a changing world. The English medium courses, such as Comparative Legal Systems, Human Rights Law, European Union Law, International Law etc., have the aim of engendering an understanding of other legal systems as well as comparing and contrasting a variety of legal principles, values, beliefs and institutions belonging to different legal cultures. Hereby, the goal is to train young jurists to make them aware of innovations and progress in the world of law.

Kadir Has University’s Law Faculty has exchange programs with prominent law schools in prestigious European universities within the Socrates-Erasmus Program of the EU, and continues to have contacts at national and international levels so as to provide students with the opportunity to study abroad. In this context, research projects and visits are organized, and students are regularly informed about studies in foreign countries, exchange programs, national and international panels, symposiums, conferences and seminars.

Kadir Has University’s Law Faculty has vibrant graduate programs in both public and private law, providing students with a wide variety of legal fields in which to specialize.

In sum, the Faculty of Law at Kadir Has University aims to achieve the highest standards of education and to provide students with a deep knowledge and understanding of legal subjects both domestically and internationally.