To complete the program, minimum 24 credits of coursework are required, 9 credits of which comprise the required courses as follows:

ARCH 501 Critical Theories and Contemporary Debates
ARCH 502 Research Methods and Interdisciplinary Approaches
ARCH 503 Pro-Thesis Seminar
ARCH 504 MSc Thesis in Architectural and Urban Studies (non-credit)

The number of elective course offerings will vary each semester. Currently cataloged elective courses are:

ARCH 510 Data Visualization and Verbalization Workshop
ARCH 511 Readings in Society and Space
ARCH 512 Spatialized Historiographies
ARCH 513 Situating the Modern: Vernacular Forms and Practices
ARCH 514 Orientalism and Representation
ARCH 515 Trans-National Histories of Modern Architecture and Urbanism
ARCH 516 Topics in Nature, Technology and Landscape
ARCH 517 Aesthetics of Architectural and Urban Research
ARCH 518 Space, Politics and Power
ARCH 522 Istanbul: From Imperial Capital to Global City
ARCH 523 Sensing the City
ARCH 526 Modernity, Architecture and Urban Space in Turkey
ARCH 541 Gendering Space: Feminist Approaches to Space, Place and Society