Focus #1 // Cultural Heritage and Design
Fields of Study:
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • History of Design
  • Craftsmanship- Design Researches

Documentation of design
The cultural, social and spiritual values of some objects in daily use are to be tested with the time. Most of the design objects left our lives years before; with the help of archeology they have chance to face the contemporary human life. While some, by changing or not, continues to be in our life. The portable objects with cultural value, through craftsmanship where the intangible cultural heritage echoes, creates interfaces of design and cultural heritage preservation. For the research and data-based design that are fundamental for the creative industries, the cultural heritage is an important threshold.

“Cultural Heritage and Design” of the Masters of Design Program, provides a developed and deep approach to look and research the places where the cultural heritage is deep down in the regions, shaped by many layers especially in this geography. Students are to have chance to make comparative researches between different geographies based on the layered deposit of knowledge.