M.A Degree in Psychology (Social/Health tracks)

Department of Psychology at Kadir Has University invites applications for the M.A. programme which combines the subfields of social and health psychology. The foci of the lectures will be on the theories of social and health psychology as well as their applications.

The main topics of the programme are as follows:

•Developing interventions  for staying healthy,
•Investigating the causes and mechanisms whereby individuals develop illness based on stress and the use of alcohol and tobacco; and developing preventive measures for such illnesses,
•Coping with illness and individual and group attitudes  towards illness,
•Improving interpersonal skills at group and individual levels.

The students who are enrolled in this programme will acquire theoretical knowledge on social and health psychology and complete a thesis or a graduation project  on these sub-areas of psychology.

The students who successfully finish this programme will be able to provide services as qualified psychologists in programs targeting attitude change, in NGOs, in the society in relation to health promotion and illness prevention by means of research, consultancy, education and provision of interventions.

Important Dates

May 16th: Orientation meeting (15.00-17.00 @ Galata Hall)

May 9th - June 10th : Application period

June 16th: Written exam

June 20th: Announcement of invited applicants for the         interview

June 22nd-24th: Interview period

June 27th: Announcement of applicants who are offered a        place in the programme

Announcement for the candidates of M.A. Programme in Psychology

The language of instruction is English.

The candidates will take a written exam. Moreover, the interview dates differ from the dates set on the academic calendar.

Below are the dates for the early application period:

Thursday the 16th of June: Written exam

Monday the 20th of June: Announcement of applicants invited for an interview

June 22-24: Interviews

Please check the academic calendar for graduate students for the remaining dates.

Special requirements for candidates who are Turkish citizens:

For this programme, the applications from candidates who hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology or in guidance and psychological counseling will be accepted.

Applications will be made online. Please use the link to proceed with the online application.

Candidates’ general Point Average (GPA) should be minimum of 2.50/4.00.

Candidates’ ALES scores should be minimum of 55 in equal weight category.

Candidates should show proof of Proficiency in English by presenting YDS or equivalent exam certificate. (Candidates who graduated from undergraduate programs in English should also submit this document.).

2 reference letters should be directly sent to psy@khas.edu.tr in PDF format by the referees before the deadline for applications.

Applicants should also write a Letter of Intent not exceeding 500 words.

Special requirements for the international candidates (*):

The international candidates can only apply to the M.A. programme with a thesis component. These candidates need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology obtained from a  university recognized by High Education Council.

The candidates need to fulfill the following criteria to apply:

  • General Point Average (GPA): 2.50/4.00 or equivalent
  • Equal weight GRE: minimum 55 or Quantitative GRE minimum 149.
  • Internet-based TOEFL minimum 79 or IELTS minimum 5.5 or UDS minimum 66.
  • 2 reference letters should be directly sent to psy@khas.edu.tr in PDF format by the referees before the deadline for applications.
  • Letter of Intent not exceeding 500 words.

* For more details, please check the Regulations for the Acceptance of Foreign Students in Graduate Programs.

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