School of Foreign Languages

At Kadir Has University, we offer an education that holds to the highest international standards, and our students acquire, in addition to the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed, self-confidence and the ability to foresee and shape changes in the world. The language of instruction for the majority of programs at our university is English, ensuring that our Turkish graduates are equipped with a global language and also that foreign students can take advantage of the educational opportunities we offer.

The Office of Foreign Language Education was founded in September of 2010 for the purpose of coordinating the educational programs at Kadir Has University which focus on providing instruction in English. Our office oversees the English Preparatory School, the English Language Unit, and the Academic Writing Center. The common goal of these programs is to help students acquire and develop the skills they will need to effectively communicate in English during their studies and in their professional lives as well. The Office of Foreign Language Education is thus responsible for ensuring that these programs support one another in their endeavors while utilizing a holistic approach to the design, planning, and implementation of English language instruction. Additionally, the Office of Foreign Language Education oversees curriculum development at the English Preparatory School and the English Language Unit as well as the hiring and evaluation of academic personnel.