KHas Business School is launching state-of-the-art masters programs...

The last two decades radically changed the way we understand the workings of business and economy all over the world. The ever increasing pace of global integration and the crisis environment after 2008 introduced new challenges in a way to redefine the gold standard in the fields of business, finance and economics: A solid comprehension of the global socio-economic fabric, a sophisticated analytical toolkit and down-to-earth communication skills constitute the iron triangle of professionalism today.

In that spirit, KHas Business School is launching five state-of-the-art programs in the fields of business, finance and economics. Our wide spectrum of courses and flexible timetable provide the program participants with a curriculum customizable toward special needs of working professionals. Fresh college graduates seeking a solid educational background for their business career are also welcome. Our experienced faculty with exceptional publication records further welcomes college graduates with a purely academic orientation.

Programs offered by Khas Business School allows participants to realize their potentials by means of a rich set of elective courses. With courses scheduled between 19:00 and 21:00 spanning five days a week, KHas Business School welcomes you at the very heart of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, host to several cultures and the earliest practices of business and finance.

Language of instruction in all programs is English. Feel free to browse the programs on our website, to visit us in our Cibali Campus or to e-mail us at