UNESCO Chair in Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement presents SUMMER SCHOOL at KADIR HAS UNIVERSITY, Istanbul

Title Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement
Coordinator UNESCO Chair at Kadir Has University
Duration 15 June – 29 June 2015, 2 weeks
Aim/Scope UNESCO Chair at Kadir Has University aims to offer summer courses to international and Turkish students with a focus on World Heritage both as an academic field of study and as an applied area of study to discuss various contemporary issues and themes, regarding management of World Heritage and community involvement through use of new media. The field studies will be made at World Heritage Sites in Istanbul or at one of the World heritage Sites in Turkey.
Prerequisites Open enrollment for international graduate students.
Language of Instruction English
Evaluation Papers /Presentations/application
Courses World Heritage & Digital Technologies
MODULE I  -  Management of World Heritage Sites
MODULE II  -  New Media & Applications
Credits 1 Courses (3 KHAS Credits/course,  6 ECTS/course )
Total Work Load: 148 hrs
(example is specific to case study in Istanbul)
1st Week:
Monday – Friday on campus classes in Istanbul
2nd  Week:
Monday- Friday at World Heritage Site of Bergama
Extra-Curricular Activities City tours, museum visits, cinema nights on campus, weekend excursions and possible Bosporus boat trip (not included in tuition).
Budget Minimum 10 students by May 1, otherwise program will be cancelled. Maximum 20 students. Program Tuition: 2000 USD, which includes accommodation and transfer to World Heritage Site of Bergama
Sponsors Turkish Cultural Foundation(TCF)
World Heritage Travellers' Association
Bergama Municipality
German Archaeological Institute in Turkey


UNESCO Chair in Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement SUMMER PROGRAM

The Summer Program aims to explore innovative ways of enhancing community involvement through use of new media at World Heritage Sites.

The Summer Program offers ‘World Heritage and Digital Technologies’ course in two modules: Management of World Heritage Sites and New Media & Applications. The course grants 6 ECTS worth of 148 hours of workload. The first week of the program will be conducted at Kadir Has University in Istanbul on theoretical issues. The second week will be spent in Bergama focusing on developing a mobile application for the site. Both sites are World Heritage Properties.

A limited number of scholarship is provided. Graduate students with a background in Conservation, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Communications Technology and Design are encouraged to apply.

SP will offer package programs to appeal participants at graduate level of study:

  • MA, March, MS students

and from diverse fields:

  • Art and Architecture (architecture, urban planning, urban studies, visual arts, industrial design)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (anthropology, sociology, cultural studies)
  • Media Studies (film studies, media studies, journalism)
  • Governance (political science, international relations, public policy)
  • Computer science

The ISSP will be structured as a two week program around two major modules.

World Heritage & Digital Technologies
Module I:
Module II:
NEW MEDIA & Applications


The curriculum may include courses that focus on various contemporary issues and themes cutting across the designated modules, such as World Heritage and procedures, Management of World Heritage Sites, Management Plan, Cultural Landscapes, Historic Urban Landscape Approach, Community Involvement, Visitor Management, Local Governance and Community Involvement, New Media Applications, Use of New Media for Management of Cultural Heritage etc.
Credit Transfer System:
The credits earned at the SP will have equivalency in, and be transferable to, both the US credit system and the ECTS. Suggested load is two courses, equivalent to 3 KHAS credits, 3 US credits or 6 ECTS credits. Students who complete the program will be awarded a certificate of participation as well as a transcript where applicable.
Enrollment and Tuition:
Enrollment expected to be 10-20 students.
The suggested tuition of 2000 USD package fee covers the cost of one course (two modules) including accommodation and transportation to the World Heritage Site.
Administration and Teaching:
The SP will be run by the UNESCO Chair at Kadir Has University, with participation from various faculties and research centers within KHAS and guest lecturers from outside the university.
For a limited number of applicants TCF (Turkish Cultural Foundation) provides funding. For further details please refer to related TCF Web Sites.
TCF Fellowship in Turkish Culture and Art

TCF Cultural Exchange Fellowship

TCA Study Abroad Scholarship for American Minorities

TCA Study Tours in Turkey Grants

Application Deadline: May 15th 2015

Notification of the acceptance letters: May 18th 2015