The 2nd International Reputation Management Conference - "Corporate Reputation Management in healthcare, finance and communications" will be held jointly with the Reputation Management Institute of Turkey between October 3-4, 2013, in Istanbul.

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The International Reputation Management Conference - The Corporate Reputation Management and Social Media (October 17 - October 19, 2012)

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A new book from the Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Banu Baybars Hawks

"If It was not for Terrorism


II. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society-

Human Security and Terrorism (November 2-4, 2010)

Conference Programme

I. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society –Societies under Siege: The Government, Media, Politics, and Citizens’ Freedoms in an Age of Terrorism

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Yonah Alexander and Brian Jenkins (April 28-30, 2009)

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08.30 AM       Registration, Coffee & Tea

09.00 AM Introductions and Opening

  • Prof.Dr. Deniz Bayrakdar , Dean of Faculty of Communication at Kadir Has University
  • Prof.Dr. Yücel Yılmaz, Rector of  Kadir Has University

9.30 AM -10.20 AM Session: Drama and Narratives of Terrorism – I
Chair: TBA

  • Logics of the Right and the Left in the Public Contestation of the “War on Terror”
    Yiannis Mylonas
  • Understanding the Symbiotic Relationship between the Conflicting Mass Media Strategies on the International Terrorism
    Mesut Hakkı Caşın

10.30 AM -12.20 PM Session:  Governance and Policy
Chair: TBA

  • Responding to Terrorism in the Era of the Governance State
    Jim Jose
  • Terrorism as a Communicative Action: A Proposal for the Study of Governmental Response
    Cristina Zurutuza
  • Terrorism, Civil Society and the Binding Quality of Legal Rights
    Abhik Majumdar
  • The Impact of Terrorism on the Right to Freedom of Religion in the European Human Rights Law
    Tawhida Ahmed & Anastasia Vakulenko

12.30 PM - 1:30 PM    LUNCH BREAK

1.30 PM - 3.20 PM Session: Media Discourse and Framing
Chair: TBA

  • Framing Hamas Movement during the Jewish 2009 War on Gaza in the International Online News Media: A Study of the Coverage of Two Newspapers – The Times of London & The New Straits Times of Malasyia
    Basel Adwan
  • A Framing Analysis: How did Three Turkish Newspapers Frame News about Global Terrorism
    Fatma Bilge Narin
  • Framing Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis of the Coverage of News on Two Terrorist Attacks in Turkey in the Media of Turkey and the United States
    Şengül İnce
  • Framing the War in Afghanistan: A German Perspective
    Gabriele M. Murry

3.30 PM - 4.50 PM Session: Keynote Lecture

  • Turkey Confronts International Terrorism
    Yonah Alexander

5.00 PM - 6.30 PM     OPENING COCKTAIL


9.30 AM -10.20 AM Session: Popular Culture & Consumption of Terrorism
Chair: TBA

  • Function follows Fear: Citing – Real or Imagined – Fears Through Products
    Burcu Yançatarol
  • Representations of Torture and Terrorists in 24
    Mike Lewis

10.30 AM -12.20 AM Session: Drama and Narratives of Terrorism – II
Chair: TBA

  • Meaning of Terror through the Representation of Characters: How Characters are Constructed in Terror related Stories?
    Nezih Orhon
  • Shooting Prime Time
    Mehmet Sağnak
  • Paramilitary Groups and Political Violence in Northern Ireland: A Comparative Case Study of Semantics and Symbiosis in the British Media
    Mark Hayes & Paul Norris
  • Press Coverage of Terrorism and the Use of Child Images in the Press
    Nilüfer Pempecioğlu

12.30 PM - 1:30 PM    LUNCH BREAK

1.30 PM - 3.20 PM Session:  Regionalized Reactions to a Global Phenomenon
Chair: TBA

  • From Oslo to Cast Lead – 15 Years of Palestinian PSYOPS
    Ron Schleifer
  • Fighting Terrorism: Failures, Challenges and Opportunities
    Sheharyan Khan
  • Rereading the “War on Terrorism” in the Context of Transatlantic Relations after the Cold War
    Hayriye Asena Demirer Akmaner
  • Development of the European Union Politics for Eliminating Terrorism Threat
    Mesut Hakkı Caşın & Uğur Özgöker

3.30 PM - 4.50 PM:  Keynote Lecture

  • Security Measures in an Age of Terrorism
    Brian Michael Jenkins

5.00 PM - 6.50 PM Session: Content, Control and Censorship
Chair: TBA

  • The Foundations and Forms of Journalists and Secuity Officials Interaction during the Terrorist Threat
    Galina Shchepilova
  • The NATO’s Use of Strategic Communication in Combating Terrorism: An Overview
    Viorel Mihaila
  • The Eye in the Storm – Access and Media Coverage of War in Gaza
    Tom Clonan
  • Government Response to Terrorism and Freedom of the Press
    Sushil Kumar Sharma
  • Ethical Scope of News on Terror

Betül Pazarbaşı & Selma Koç Akgül


9.30 AM -10.50 AM Session: Crosscultural Identity & Politics
Chair: TBA

  • World Citizens “à la Française”: Star Ac’ and the Negotiation of “French” Identities
    Fabienne Darling Wolf
  • “Calling Out Around the World”: The Global Appeal of Interactive Reality Dance Formats
    Dana Heller
  • That’s Me: Nationalism and Identity on Balkan Reality TV
    Zala Volcic & Mark Andrejevic

11.00 AM -12.30 PM Session: Racial Politics and Reality Television
Chair: TBA

  • Intertwining of Race, Gender, Culture and Social Drama: A Look at Shetty-Goody Episode.
    Anirban Mukhopadhyay
  • Reality Television, Racism Row and a Diplomatic Dilemma
    Nidhi Shah
  • Race on Reality TV: Theoretical Debates on the Genre’s Progressive Potential
    Ji Hoon Park

12.30 PM - 1:30 PM    LUNCH BREAK

1.30 PM - 3.20 PM Session: Gendered Reality
Chair: Itır Erhart

  • Sexuality and the Reality TV Politic
    Misha Kavka
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Contested Bodies
    Jonnabelle V. Asis & Hiyasmin C. Bisoy
  • Big Brother as a Vehicle for the Reproduction of Violence Against Women
    Aimée Vega Montiel
  • Pick-up and Put Down: A Critical Look at VH1’s Reality Show 'The Pick-Up Artist'
    Deborah Macey & Alina Padilla-Miller

3.30 PM - 4.30 PM: Sunday Keynote

  • Idiom of Contention: Reality TV and Arab Politics
    Marwan M. Kraidy

Some Photos from the Conference:

to be held at Kadir Has University hosted jointly with Reputation Management Institute of Turkey 
on October 17 - October 19, 2012