Our curriculum provides a wide range of career opportunities for our students. Our graduates have a proven track record of succeeding in employment sectors from business, finance and consulting to industry and public sector. Graduates who wish to pursue an academic career have found broad opportunities to continue their graduate studies in Turkey or abroad. All programmes are taught in English.

Through the following links, you may access to the instutitions that may be helpful for your career in Economics:

www.oecd.org (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

www.undp.org (United Nations Development Programme)

www.imf.org International Monetary Fund)

www.ekonomi.gov.tr (Ministry of Economics)

www.tcmb.gov.tr (Central Bank of Turkish Republic)

www.kalkinma.gov.tr (Ministry of Development)

www.federalreserve.gov (Federal Reserve System)

www.nber.org (National Bureau of Economic Research)

www.worldbank.org (World Bank Group)

www.borsaistanbul.com (Borsa İstanbul)