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Student Rights

KHAS Prep School students have

  • the right to access all academic and nonacademic opportunities offered by the KHAS English Preparatory Program.
  • the right to be treated fairly regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability and  religion.
  • the right to be evaluated fairly by the KHAS Prepatratory School Program when required.
  • the right to free speech and expression within the framework of principles, instruction, regulations and laws of YÖK and the KHAS  English Preparatory Program in effect.


Student Behaviour & Conduct

Courses offered by the KHAS English Preparatory program run according to a modular system. At the end of each module, course instructors and classes change on the basis of the criteria determined by the KHAS English Preparatory program administration. Any wishes regarding class or instructor changes are not accepted.

Students are responsible for tardiness. All prep students have to be in class on time before the lesson starts and the instructor arrives. Late students are not allowed to come into the class since it will disturb others. They have to wait to attend the next class.

Intentionally interfering with the school instruction and systematic operations and / or defacing school property are not tolerated.

Students are responsible for completing class assignments on time and according to the instructions given by the instructor, and for bringing all materials required for daily classroom use.

Students are responsible for completing complementary material assignments on time since they may help them be prepared for class and for class contribution.

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. It is a form of cheating and involves obtaining or attempting to obtain academic credit by copying the words or ideas of another and passing them off as one's own without

documentation – that is, without acknowledging the source with quotation marks, footnotes, and lists of works cited. Students have to avoid distracting behavior such as eating, drinking and talking on a mobile phone.

Students have to keep an attitude open to communication with the instructors and express their concerns and complaints in a respectful manner.

The language of communication between students and instructors is English.

Students are expected to use their ID cards issued by the school. They cannot use anyone else’s.



School of Foreign Languages students are obliged to attend a minimum of 85 percent of courses in each semester. Each student is responsible for keeping track of his/her attendance. Students with absence above the 15 percent limit cannot take the end-of-semester final exams and the English Proficiency Exam (KHAS - İYS). Students who are not present in class or who leave the room before the end of class, for any reason, are accepted absent. Instructors do not have the authority to take the initiative and permit students to be absent from class. In case, for any reason, the time and place of a class is changed, or a make-up Kadir Has University School of Foreign Languages English Language Preparatory Program Regulations class apart from the routine class time and place is announced, the attendance procedure will be applied as usual, thus students must be present at the announced place and time.

Students are permitted to be absent for three days if they lose a family member (mother, father, sibling, husband/wife), upon provision of documentation of decease. Health Reports Health commission reports for ten days and above, received from general state or private hospitals, and sealed by the borough societal health center or group health directorship, are accepted as excuse, and the absence is not taken into account. Reports not meeting these criteria are not accepted. Health reports must be submitted to the School of Foreign Languages Directorship within three days following the final day of the report. A student with such a report cannot take classes or exams within the report dates. Reports shorter than ten days are not accepted as an excuse and are counted toward the 15 percent absence period allowed. Acceptance of reports for less than ten days taken in exceptional circumstances are subject to the School of Foreign Languages Administrative Board decision, provided that they meet the other criteria specified above.

Student athletes who are actively involved in the university’s sports clubs are excused from the attendance obligation on tournament dates. These dates are determined by the university executive board.


Exam Rules

  • Students should come to class on time
  • The exams of the students who do not follow the rules or listen to the warnings of the instructor will be voided.
    • Students should bring their university ID cards with their picture to show to the instructor.
    • Students are not allowed to return to the exam room if they decide to leave early. Please, make sure you have everything you need and you do not need to go to the toilet before the exam starts.
    • The exam starts just after the exam papers are distributed by the instructor. Please write your name, surname and student number on them. Suggested time for sections are shown on the exam papers.
    • Every student is individually responsible for their exam paper.
    • An attempt to cheat during the exam is considered cheating and your exam is voided. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to the following:

-  communicating answers with another person during an exam,

-  trying to use information from another student or student’s paper on an examination,

-  using unauthorized notes, or study aids,

-  using a mobile phone for any reason even for learning the time

-  borrowing any items from other students including pencils and erasers

(Those are detected by exam invigilators.)

  • Talking or asking questions during the exam is forbidden. All necessary instructions are already available on the exam papers.
  • Students should not have their cellphones with them during the exam. If you have a cellphone, turn it off and leave it on the teacher’s desk. You can take your cellphone back after you submit your exam to the instructor. If you do not follow the cellphone rule, your exam will be voided.
  • Students are not allowed to go into the exam room until the listening section ends (first 35 minutes) if they are late for the exam.
  • Students must follow the rules read by the instructor. The exams of the students who do not follow the rules or listen to the warnings of the instructor will be voided.
  • Students must submit all the sections of the exam with the instructors’ supervision and sign the signature list when leaving the exam room. The exams of the students who do not sign the signature list will be voided.


Any violation of the exam rules will be subject to disciplinary actions as per the University’s Rules and Regulations for Student Discipline. In accordance with YÖK regulation 2547 article 54, a student will be warned, written-up, and / or suspended.