The scientific research projects at Kadir Has University have been supported by the research fund referred to as BAP, which was established by the Kadir Has Foundation in 2006.

BAP projects are defined in the Kadir Has University Regulation for the Support of Scholarly Research Projects, as the following: “Scientific and scholarly projects carried out at Kadir Has University in collaboration with national and/or international institutions, the results of which are expected to make global contributions to the field scientifically and contribute to the country’s technological, economic, social and cultural development.” The project proposals are evaluated within the framework of the abovementioned regulation and those deemed suitable are awarded up to 25,000 TL in research funds. During the course of these projects, they are monitored by a Project Evaluation Group consisting of members of the original BAP Commission and headed by a BAP Commission member. To date, more than 30 research projects have been financed under the BAP scheme.