The research project cycle consists of two phases, pre- and post-funding, which are divided by the signing of the funding agreement. The pre-funding phase includes the preparation, approval, and submission of internationally competitive project proposals while the post-funding phase entails the conducting and successful finalization of projects according to contractual and legal conditions. STRAR aims to assist academic personnel and graduate students in both the pre- and post-funding phases of the project cycle.

STRAR services in the pre-funding phase consists of the following: researching, evaluating, and communicating funding opportunities to the relevant personnel; transforming project ideas into concrete proposals; configuring proposal drafts; assisting with application forms, project budgets, and the necessary documents for applications; and, coordinating communication among all of the relevant units within the university (faculties, institutes and research centers) during the contractual process to ensure that the project conditions comply with the institutional policies of the university.

The services STRAR provides for the post-funding phase of the project cycle includes the following: examining the personnel and logistical arrangements to ensure that they are in accordance with contractual obligations, project objectives, and university policies before the start of the project; establishing relations with partner institutions in accordance with the project agreement and assisting in the resolution of any problems that may arise; assisting project coordinators in finalizing projects as well as the dissemination and sharing of all scientific and technical findings of projects.