In order for the university to become an internationally competitive institution, KHAS has made efforts to increase research activities and research potential, and this has involved a shift in orientation from education to research. In August of 2011, Kadir Has University took decisive steps in that direction by appointing of a coordinator for a Strategy Development and Research Office. In October of the same year, the coordinator prepared the first report of its kind, titled “KHAS Strategy for a Focus on Research.” This report comprehensively evaluated the present state of affairs at Kadir Has University, and through a comparative approach made a number of recommendations. The Board of Trustees met to discuss the report on October 26th, 2011, and on November 16th it was made available to our university’s academic personnel.

Most recently, with the aim of drawing up concrete short-term goals for a shift towards a focus on research, a search conference was held on December 10, 2011 at our Selimpaşa campus. A report was compiled about the results of this conference, and this report provided details about the meeting, and made recommendations through an evaluation of the meeting’s conclusions. The general secretary of KHAS and the personnel at the Selimpaşa campus, as well as the staff of the Strategy Development and Research Office, all made valuable contributions to this conference and the resulting report. A total number of 66 academic personnel were divided into five groups to discuss in 40 minutes sessions the following subjects: academic personnel, graduate education and students, and the synergy between advisors and researchers.

The results of the Selimpaşa Meeting were presented in a detailed report and shared with participants. The Concluding Report of the Selimpaşa Meeting recommended five central findings and an additional meeting was held to facilitate the transformation of these recommendations into plans of action.  The Şile Meeting, which was held on the 14th and 15th of January, 2012, was organized with the aim of creating a plan of action for Kadir Has University’s strategy to increase our research capabilities and the number of activities regarding research to pave the way for the transformation of our university into an academic institution able to compete on the international scale. Twenty-five representatives from all of the university’s faculties, departments and administrative units discussed the Selimpaşa Meeting’s five findings in brainstorming sessions lasting an hour and forty-five minutes. The discussions, taking a short term perspective of three years, took into account KHAS’s current capabilities and talents, as well as the strategies that were successful at other institutions of higher education. The Concluding Report with aStrategic Action Plan consisting of short and medium-term recommendations was submitted to the Board of Trustees in February for approval and has since been implemented.