Concurrent with most Turkish universities, KHAS conducted its own strategy development efforts within the framework of YÖK’s Regulation for the Evaluation and Quality Improvement of Academic Standards. Following the promulgation of the regulation in October 2002, in November of the same year a three-member ADEK Commission (Akademik Değerlendirme ve Kalite Geliştirme Kurulu, Commission for the Evaluation and Quality Improvement of Academic Standards) was assembled at KHAS. However, real work started after the publication of the Guidelines in May of 2006.

The year 2006 was also a turning point for KHAS as a decision was made to shift its orientation from education to research along with the launch of strategy development work.  After the founding of the Strategic Planning Committee in October of 2006, between 2006 and 2008 three reports were published, each of which was based on inquiries concerning how Kadir Has University could reorient its focus toward research. The first of these, “A Strategic Plan,” drew upon the results of the Strategic Planning Workshop held in December of 2006. The second report, issued in 2007, was prepared by the European University Association (EUA) and was based on their own observations in addition to the results of the report issued by a self-evaluation group. In 2008, the third report was published, bringing together the views of the participants of the University Advisory Board’s meeting. All of these reports praised the efforts that our institution had made in the process of making the transition from a teaching-oriented to a research-oriented university and it also indicated the measures that need to be taken in this regard.

Yearly strategy reports have subsequently been published and work has been undertaken to implement the recommendations made in the reports. After the 2006 Strategic Plan, the KHAS Board of Trustees met and approved the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Strategic Plans to be submitted to YÖK within the framework of the Regulation for the Evaluation and Quality Improvement of Academic Standards. The subsequent strategic plans for 2009 and 2010 were also prepared.