The Office of Strategy Development and Research (STRAR) was founded in August, 2011 for the purpose of developing short, medium and long term strategies regarding the quantitative and qualitative advancement of Kadir Has University’s research activities. STRAR has the following responsibilities: to compile all research-related information; to follow up on the latest developments at the world’s research universities; formulate and realize strategies to maximize the university’s existing research potential; to assist in the management of all stages of scholarly projects; and to help coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders of post graduate education at KHAS.

Institutions of higher education have evolved over time with three main goals: education, research, and dissemination. Contemporary universities are responsible for providing a high quality undergraduate education, facilitating internationally viable research, teaching post graduate programs, and sharing scholarly findings, data, methods, and studies with the general public for the welfare of the society. For this reason, efforts made towards becoming an internationally competitive institution of higher education need to be coordinated within the framework of concrete strategies in which the existing human capital and infrastructure should be optimally utilized.

In this context, STRAR aims to assist the Rectorate of the university through the fulfillment of its responsibilities regarding education, research and the dissemination of knowledge by providing strategies and policies, as well as coordinating the activities of all the university’s departments and administrative units.