Today's societies have various economic problems such as income inequality, the differences between the economic development levels across countries, economic crises from time to time, unemployment and inflation. There has always been a need to understand and explain the causes and effects of these problems.  As such, there has been a strong interest in economic science. In addition, various issues related to individuals' economic decisions such as consumption and saving are also among the issues that economics examines.

In the Department of Economics, we aim to educate individuals who can understand the various economic phenomena in the economy, and use economic data and information to comment and analyze on these phenomena. One of the primary aims of our education is to provide our students with necessary problem-solving skills so that they can develop solutions to economic problems of the individuals and the society by using their knowledge of economics. To this end, our students are endowed with not only economic theory, mathematics, statistical analysis and econometrics, but with political economy and economic history as well. As an important pillar of our education strategy, we especially emphasize developing our students' skills to prepare them for independent work. The proximity and frequency of faculty-student interaction and frequency, applications during the educational process and the counseling provided to the students are essential to our philosophy.

Most of our graduates find employment opportunities in domestic and foreign private sector companies. Our curriculum offers the necessary knowledge and capabilities for our students' career goals. Our courses are taught in English and our students find opportunities to develop foreign language skills and use them effectively, which are necessary and important in the currently internationalizing Turkish economy. Our graduates also find opportunities to work as consultant, instructor, and senior manager in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, and stock exchange sectors, and in international organizations. Many of our graduates have also gone on to pursue graduate degrees in Turkey and abroad.

An important feature of our program is that our faculty members have doctoral degrees from renowned universities in Turkey and abroad, and have published their research results in respected international scientific publications. We put a special emphasis to the research activities in our department.

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