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28.03.2011, Monday


Adaptation (dir. Spike Jonze, 2002, 115 min): D-Block, Movie Salon A

An offbeat comedy based on the story of a gifted but profoundly neurotic screenwriter’s difficult struggle to adapt The Orchid Thief into a film. This screenwriter is Charlie Kaufman, and the film blurring the line between fact and fiction presents an amusing sketch through the downfalls of the writer’s block.

29.03.2011, Tuesday


Bukowski: Born Into This (dir. John Dullaghan, 2002, 130 min.): D-Block, Movie Salon A

This documentary investigates poet, novelist, and screenwriter  Charles Bukowski’s life through archival clips, interviews, and footage of the man himself. Conversations with Bukowski's friends, including rock star Bono and actor Sean Penn, reveals some personal stories and experiences.

30.03.2011, Wednesday


The Hours (dir. Stephen Daldry, 2002, 114 min.): D-Block, Movie Salon A

In 1923, Virginia Woolf is attempting to start working on her novel Mrs. Dalloway. In 1951, L. Brown is a housewife and an avid reader who is currently making her way through Mrs. Dalloway. In 2000, C. Vaughn is a literary editor. Three women, separated by a span of nearly 80 years, find themselves weathering similar crises, all linked by a single work of literature in this film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Michael Cunningham.

Anna Karenina (dir. Bernard Rose, 1997, 108 min.): D-Block, Movie Salon B

Leo Tolstoy's classic novel is brought to the screen once again in the first international version to be filmed entirely in Russia, at locations in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

* Screenings are free of charge.

** All films will be screened in the original language with Turkish subtitles.

1st Khas Creative Writing Competition

The awards ceremony for the 1st Khas Creative Writing Competition, organized by the Khas Writing Center with the support of the English Language Unit and the Department of American Culture and Literature, was held on 24 February, 2010 at 17:00 in the Khas Writing Center, Cibali Campus.

Mark Wyers, Director of the Khas Writing Center and N. Buket Cengiz, Asst. Director, were pleased to present the following winners with their certificates and awards for their outstanding works of short fiction:

1st place: Şirin Seitz, Gift Card from Robinson Crusoe Bookstore - 100 TL

2nd place: Sema Yazgan, Gift Card from Robinson Crusoe Bookstore - 50 TL

3rd place: Aslıhan Alptekin, Gift Card from Robinson Crusoe Bookstore - 25 TL

Honorable Mention: Nora Malhasoğlu, Gift Card from Robinson Crusoe Bookstore - 15 TL

Honorable Mention: Gamze Özpirinçi, Gift Card from Robinson Crusoe Bookstore - 15 TL

The jury members included Nazlı Karaca and Nil Tonyalı from the English Language Unit, Mel Kenne and Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno from the Department of American Culture and Literature, and Mark Wyers and Buket Cengiz from the Khas Writing Center. The Khas Writing Center will continue to organize the Khas Creative Writing Competition in future semesters and provide support for students seeking to improve their skills in academic English.