Faculty Support

The Writing Center at Kadir Has University is dedicated to providing the best writing support for students, which means that we also cooperate with faculty in nurturing student development through workshops and student referrals (if you are a faculty member in need of writing support, please scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Writing an Academic Paper – Some principles and suggestions - Video 1

Writing an Academic Paper – Some principles and suggestions - Video 2

If you are an instructor teaching a class which requires writing, you can request an in-class workshop geared to help students struggling with a specific writing issue. Available workshops include:

  • Introduction to the Writing Center

This is a ten-minute introduction to the services that the Writing Center provides. Students will learn how to use the writing center and also how to use other sources to improve their writing. This is available any time during the semester.

  • Citations

This workshop focuses on the correct usage of citations, including when and where citations are needed in order to avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism. Students will also be shown how to format citations in their papers. Approximately 50 minutes.

  • Bibliography / works cited page

Creating a correctly formatted bibliography and works cited page can be a challenging task. This workshop helps students learn the ropes about creating a bibliography or works cited page, by explaining the rationale behind it as well as the nuts and bolts of formatting one. Approximately 50 minutes. (Please indicate MLA or APA while requesting a workshop on this subject.)

  • Paraphrasing

Your students have researched their topic, and are ready to start writing; but a common issue is, how to use the material they have researched? This workshop guides students on the usage of sources while writing a paper and how to effectively and correctly paraphrase in their own writing. Approximately 50 minutes.

  • Common writing errors

ESL students face the double challenge of developing their ideas and then trying to express those in English. This workshop is a general overview of common errors that Turkish students make in academic writing, including comma splices, faulty subject/verb agreement and misuse of parallel structure. Approximately 50 minutes.

Each workshop is composed of instruction and exercises. Holding to the philosophy that active student participation is the key to success, we try to make sure that workshops are conducted via a student-centered approach.

Policies for Requesting In-class Workshops

1. You can request a workshop by coming into the writing center and filling out a workshop request form or filling out a form here and submitting it.

2. You must reserve a workshop two weeks in advance, to ensure availability.

3. We request that classes have no more than 20 students, to ensure optimal student participation.

4. Each faculty member may request ONE workshop per semester. This policy may change in the upcoming semester.

5. If you have a special need for a workshop not listed here, we request that you give at least one month advance notice, to give us time to prepare the material.

We are happy to hear new ideas - please call or drop in for a visit at the Writing Center to discuss any ideas you may have.

Student Referrals

If you would like to require that a student visit the Writing Center about a piece of writing, please fill out a Referral Form and attach it to the student’s work. Upon completion of the consultation, we will then sign and date the form.

We kindly request that you NOT give extra credit to students who visit the Writing Center; time at the Center is precious, and we would like to make it available for students strongly motivated to improve their writing and students who are in dire need of assistance. Students coming to the writing center should be doing revisions to their work, not just asking for corrections and then leaving – that does not help them become better writers.

Faculty Writing Support

If you are a faculty member and have a specific writing question, we are happy to help you.