Student Support

The Writing Center at Kadir Has University is here to help you become a better writer. We cannot and will not correct your grammar mistakes; our job, through one-on-one consultations, is to help you improve your writing in every step of the writing process, including:

  • Creating ideas for an essay;
  • Developing your ideas;
  • Organizing your ideas into an effective essay;
  • Writing an effective introduction, with a strong thesis statement;
  • Writing body paragraphs, with clear controlling ideas;
  • Writing a strong conclusion;
  • Finding and correcting your own mistakes;
  • Using Microsoft Word effectively to improve your writing;
  • Revising your completed essay; and,
  • For graduate and doctoral students, getting started on writing your thesis or dissertation, and we will also guide you through the process until completion.

Using the same techniques, we can also help you write a better:

  • Letter of application
  • Letter of motivation
  • Statement of purpose
  • PhD proposal
  • Scholarship application
  • Application for MA and PhD studies abroad
  • CV, and more.

If you have an MA thesis or other document which needs to be proofread before publishing, you need to hire a professional proofreader. Come in for visit, and we can help you find one.