In addition to the basic educational and technological facilities, our English Preparatory School provides students with opportunities that meet their needs to study and practice individually.

There is no transportation service provided by the preparatory school. However, the students can get to school very easily by taking public buses, minibuses, metro and the metrobuses which all have stops right in front of the school. For further information on transportation, the students may refer to the Contacts page of our website.

Our school offers full-time education and the students are free to benefit from the facilities provided by the school both during class time and in their spare time.

Office Hours

This is a study program designed for students to meet together with their teachers individually after class hours and to enable them to go over the subjects and topics they have missed or they feel that they need to review. These hours are in the form of tutorials. The students are advised to arrange for these tutorial hours in advance by contacting the teacher with whom they would like to work with.

Conference Room

The conference room is used to host seminars and presentations made by instructors invited from both local universities and from universities abroad. It is also available for student presentations and meetings. Instructors who want to benefit from the technological facilities of the conference room are welcomed to hold their classes there as well.


In the cafeteria, situated on the terrace floor of the school building, students and instructors have the opportunity to enjoy delicious meals in a warm atmosphere. The cafeteria, with its view of the Marmara Sea, is a place of refuge away from the fast and exhausting daily life in İstanbul. Compared to other restaurants and cafes in the area, it serves better meals at more reasonable prices.  The cafeteria is run by the same catering firm as the one used at Kadir Has University main campus.


In our school, which is located at the heart of a crowded and busy city, a security team works full time from07:00to 19:00 and in turns after that hour. They are responsible for checking the students’ and the visitors’ ID cards when they enter and exit the university building and for building security. Apart from this, our building is monitored 24/7 with a surveillance system on each floor. Also, regular fire and earthquake drills are given.