Kadir Has University Prep School is run by the Director and Vice Directors. The management:

  • Coordinates among the units of the Prep School in order for the education to continue without any problems
  • Creates the atmosphere for the academic staff to work efficiently
  • Coordinates between the Prep School and the Rectorate as well as other academic and administrative units in the university.
Curriculum and Testing Unit (CTU)

As a part of a university that seeks constant development and innovation, our English Preparatory School also aims to continuously improve the content and quality of our English education. The Curriculum and Testing Unit plays an important role in this aspect. The unit consists of six instructors and a head that are also active as teachers in the classroom. Curriculum and Testing Unit (CTU):

  • Prepares and develops the curriculum of a whole academic year.
  • Analyzes the books that are chosen for each year’s curriculum, plans and develops materials to complement the curriculum taking into consideration our educational philosophy
  • Determines the needs of our students, working in coordination with the administration and the instructors and develops materials to fulfill these needs while taking into consideration our philosophy and goals as a university.
  • Is responsible for the development, administration and archival of exams and other matters of an academic nature.
  • Works with the directorate to develop new policy and responds to external reporting requests.
  • Selects assessment instruments and procedures that match the program's learning goals.
  • Prepares objective tests of high reliability and validity, working in coordination with instructors.
  • Applies ‘portfolio’ system that aims to help the students develop their academic writing skills.
Student Affairs Unit

Student Affairs Unit:

  • Ensures that preparatory program students receive and appropriate orientation to the program.
  • Reports to the Vice Director of Administrative Affairs for any major issues about the students.
  • Checks the students’ attendance, grades and class reports regularly.
  • Ensures prompt availability of student records upon request by the Director, parents and other University Departments.
  • Maintains records of student medical reports.
  • Oversees all matters concerning student petitions, class changes, etc.
  • Ensures that the medical reports are recorded, announcements are made, and the list of absent students who do not qualify to take exams is prepared.
  • Originats and controls social activities for students in the Preparatory Unit.
  • Attends and actively participate in all meetings in the Preparatory Unit.
  • Develops student's handbook for preparatory program students.
  • Participates in and support the organization of student orientation to their Academic Departments and the facilities of the University.
  • Obtain feedback from preparatory program students about teachers, programs, facilities and activities.
  • Orients unsuccessful students towards their tutors to help them to improve themselves academically.
  • Contributes to and support the effective implementation of the English Program.
  • Submits an evaluation report to the Administration at the end of each term.
Digital Learning, Social Media and Web Unit

As social media is getting more and more attention, the Social Media Unit uses online tools to keep close contact with our students and parents, and announces the recent and upcoming events. Along with the emphasis that Kadir Has University puts on the use of social media, Social Media Unit has a mission to reflect academic and administrative work done at Prep School on online. Social Media Unit basically:

  • Coordinates the registration, technical support and evaluation of MyLab activities
  • Helps students and academic staff use the Information Management System ( effectively
  • Creates and updates the content of the official website (
  • Manages official Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts, which provides students and parents with a variety of methods of communication
  • Keeps the academic staff up-to-date about online seminars, webinars, and presentations, and disseminates the opportunities to the wider academic community
  • The Social Media Unit is responsible for the management and effective use of these accounts on behalf of Prep School:

- Official Facebook Page:                       

- Academic Record and Information System

- Blackboard Portal:                                

- Official Twitter Account:                     

- Official Youtube Channel:                   

- MyLab Admin Accounts:                    /

Building Supervizor Unit

It serves the facilities, cleaning, and security of our school which is in the centre of the city which means it is very close to all transportation facilities. This unit which has an experienced team for cleaning and security services are in charge of following duties:

  • It generates the security, cleaning, and physical-technical foundation of the building.
  • They give logistical support to students and lecturers so that they can utilize educational activities efficiently.
  • They prepare trainings and exercises to make our institution get ready for a possible disaster such as an earthquake or fire.
Information Technologies Unit

The Information Technologies Unit aims to meet the needs of the students and academic staff relating to computers and other technical equipment at our Preparatory School which uses educational technology quite efficiently. With its experienced and helpful staff, this unit carries out the following duties:

  • It helps with the laptops that are given to our students when they registered.
  • It supplies computers, projectors, speakers, and other kinds of technical equipment to be used in or out of classrooms by our academic staff.
  • It fixes and renews the technical infrastructure in the classrooms.
  • It provides the sustainability of network connection in our school.
  • It carries out some work in coordination with Social Media Unit to digitalize classroom materials.
Medical-Social Unit

Although there are some general hospitals close to our school, we have this unit for our students and academic staff to consult when they need emergency medical treatment, nursing care, or psychological consultancy. These are the services of this unit:

  • It supplies physical examination, emergency treatment, and psychological consultancy services for our students and academic staff during working hours.
  • When it is needed, it writes prescriptions or in emergency situations it supplies medication.

PS: Medico- Social Unit has services every weekday between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00. It is recommended that appointments should be taken specifically from the psychological consultancy unit to get an efficient service. For emergency situations, transportation to hospitals is provided by our school.