Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation 2018

Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation 2018

The Center for European and International Studies (CIES) served as a partner to the 9th edition of RhodesMRC (Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation) which took place in Rhodes, Greece, on 10 – 14 October 2018. This was the 8th consecutive year that the CIES supports the Rhodes MRC as one of its Academic Partners while the CIES Director serves on its Academic Board.

Since its 8th Edition, RhodesMRC, has split the University and High School conference in two completely separate events, in order to facilitate the participation of more participants in both. RhodesMRC 2018 has been designed with specific targets in mind: 1. Maximize the possible number of participants, 2. Further diversify its set of simulated organizations, 3. Be representative of almost every region of the world.

With 9 committees and exercising the dual delegation practice, this year's conference had 380 seats for member states and 110 seats for observer states to its offerings. Rhodes MRC focuses on organizations with high political significance (NATOOSCELASMEPC), with democracy and human rights at its core (Council of EuropeOASAfrican Union), or strong financial and development aspects (BSECAPEC), covering a wide range of topics.

The Center of International and European Studies serves as an academic partner, while RhodesMRC is strongly affiliated with the Europa.S and the ThessISMUN  conferences, the three being the oldest and largest university-level simulation conferences in Greece. Rhodes MRC is an initiative of The House of Europe in Rhodes.

For the agenda and further information regarding this year’s event, please visit its website.