CSO CLINIQUE: Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Research and Application Center Training Partnership: CYBER SECURITY - 18 June 2018

Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Research and Application Center
Training Partnership


CSO Clinique, created by the Center for International and European Studies, will organize daily trainings twice a month to support civil society. A support to the adaptation process of civil society organizations to a rapidly developing and changing world is intended to be achieved. Therefore, CSO Clinique aims to provide the young people devoted to the civil society to equip with knowledge, to strengthen their skills and to provide more effective participation of civil society in decision-making process. The subjects of the training focus on the current issues both in our country and in the world and also the main areas in which CSO’s play an active role.


Technological revolutions have formed today's network societies as a result of the transformation of societies and the embodiment of relations within the networks of computers. The internet, which has become an integral part of social and economic life, has not remained indifferent to the changes in the field of information and communication, and has led governments and civil society to transfer their institutions and services to the cyberspace. While cyber technology provides opportunities and facilities such as information storage and transmission, it has also caused to the emergence of a new security threats especially in recent years. For this purpose, on 18 June 2018, CIES CSO Clinique organized a training entitled ‘Cyber Security’ in cooperation with Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Application and Research Center at Kadir Has University.

The Clinique, which implemented by Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ ve Dr. Fatih Yetkin from Kadir Has University Department of Management Information Systems, focused on topics of computer security, cyber threats, and cyber security by applying to the non-formal training.

The training program provide new links as a dialogue platform for participants and trainers. The STK Clinique programs also will offer the opportunity to meet outstanding instructors who renew themselves in their fields and enhance their experience in academic and practical areas, and to get inspiration from their knowledge and visions.

This event held in Turkish.

You may find the program here.