CSO CLINIQUE in Partnership with TEMA


CSO Clinique, created by Center for International and European Studies, will organize daily trainings twice a month to support civil society. A support to the adaptation process of civil society organizations to a rapidly developing and changing world is intended to be achieved. Therefore, NGO Clinique aims to provide the young people devoted to the civil society to equip with knowledge, to strengthen their skills and to provide more effective participation of civil society in decision-making process. The subjects of the training will focus on the current issues both in our country and in the world and also the main areas in which NGOs play an active role.

Due to the effects of climate change on our world and therefore on societies, institutions and politics, the climate change has been a though negotiated  topic that technical information came to the fore in the national and international arena.  For this reason, the STK Clinique training program on 30 April 2018; will be focusing on civil society Climate Change: From International Processes to Local that will be integrating academic knowledge with international and local processes.

With more than 20 years experience in international organizations, having actively played an active role in international platforms with her academic and institutional identity in the areas of sustainable development and climate change; Sibel Sezer will present a framework and give an opening lesson on the impacts of, vulnerability and adaptability to climate change. Known by her works in the fields of climate change, sustainable development and local governments, as well as taking part in international negotiations;  Dr. Semra Cerit (Marmara University);  will give a lecture about the reflections of international climate change negotiations in Turkey . Director of Environmental Policy and International Relations Department at TEMA, Özgül Erdemli Mutlu, will make a case study on the active participation of civil society and the activities of civil society in the area of climate change in Turkey. The training program will provide new networks as a dialogue platform for participants and educators. The CSO Clinique programs will also introduce the opportunity to meet and refine their knowledge and visions of outstanding instructors who renew themselves in their fields and strengthen their academic and practical experience.

In order to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/ETNRFB2mxegA2vW43

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