Kadir Has University Regulations For Graduate Education


Regulations for the Performance Evaluation of Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel Performance Evaluation Table

Performance Evaluation Template

List of Publishing Companies Considered To Be "Acclaimed"

Annual Review and Goal Setting Form for Kadir Has University Academic Personnel

Regulation for the Support of Scholarly Research Projects

Award Regulation

Regulation for Student Hostels

Precepts for Faculty Member Course Loads and Remuneration for the Teaching of Additional Courses

Regulation Concerning Financial Support for Academic Personnel Engaging in Academic Endeavors Abroad

ADYM Tahliye Esasları

Bahçelievler Kampüsü

Cibali Kadir Has Kampüsü

Selimpaşa Kampüsü

Emergency Response & Evacuation Guidelines

Bahçelievler Campus

Cibali Kadir Has Campus

Selimpaşa Campus